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Everything you Need to Know about Brake Fluids

As you probably already know, the braking system of a vehicle is a critical safety system that prevents the likelihood of dangerous accidents and hazards. However, what many vehicle owners do not know is that the braking system of their car becomes a lot more critical when it comes to performance and race applications.[...]

Checking your Brake Pads for Wear

Brakes wear out, and nothing you do can keep that from happening. The longer they last, the better the quality; even so, it is smart to get brake jobs done every now and then. If your brake pads have worn too far, the metal backing may start touching the brake rotor. This is bad, and can not only damage the rotor, but also endanger the driver and passengers.[...]

3 Points to Check When you Replace your Drum Brakes

Today’s drum brakes are convoluted things, and if you ever wanted to replace yours, rest assured it would not be easy unless you knew exactly what you were doing. Most auto dealership technicians, on the other hand, are familiar with what goes, and what does not.[...]

Brake Line Flaring and Different Brake Lines Types

You probably know how brake pads, rotors, and calipers work to create friction on a rotating wheel so that the car slows down and comes to a stop. [...]

What you Need to Know about Organic Brake Pads

This article discusses the difference between Organic brake pads and synthetic brake pads.[...]

Problems to Look for in Squeaky Brakes

You are driving along the road with the windows rolled down, enjoying perfect weather and a blessed lack of traffic, when you hear a squeaky sound that definitely did not come from the radio. That must be the brakes, then; but since those have been working fine, what other problem are you dealing with? More to the point: should you look into it just yet?[...]

Some Reasons Why your Brakes Make a Grinding Noise

Many cars owner have experienced grinding noises coming from his or her car’s brakes on hitting the pedal. This is typically a warning from most standard brakes, that something is wrong with either the brake rotors, or some other component. Ignoring this can lead to the need for heavy repair later, which would no doubt cost a considerable sum.[...]

Upgrading from OEM to Performance Brake Rotor

Upgrading from OEM to Performance Brake Rotor

You see plenty of cars carrying standard engines that have regular OEM brakes fitted with them. These allow the vehicle to perform routine tasks, such as daily commute, runs to the store, etc. However, some people need more out of their rides, which means subjecting them to “beyond ordinary” stresses. For this to be possible, you need power upgrades, the effects of which can pretty quickly wear down a set of stock brakes.[...]

Upgrades to Boost the Stopping Power of a Vehicle

Upgrades to Boost the Stopping Power of a Vehicle

When it comes to getting performance brakes, most people have the objective of either increasing their vehicle's stopping power, reducing its stopping distance, or both. As it turns out, these things can be achieved with the right upgrades.[...]

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