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Cleaning Out the Rust on your Brake Rotors Pt 2

Cleaning Out the Rust on your Brake Rotors Pt 2

The brake rotors in your car form one of the quickest-rusting parts, mainly because of the way they are placed in a dark and bank location. Even with common car care, rust would build over time, and the get to the point that it prevents proper braking operation. Removing that much rust is easy enough; what is hard though, is getting rid of rust that has formed along the rotor's edges. It goes without saying that you should apply your brakes at least once in a while when behind the wheel. As for cleaning the hubs and rotors of rust, taking the following steps can accomplish that for you.

Cleaning Using White Vinegar

  • Put on safety gloves and goggles, as well as other required safety equipment.
  • Carefully lift the vehicle using a jack placed on a leveled ground.
  • Loosen up the lug screws/nuts.
  • Loosen the wheels by fully unscrewing the lug nuts, and then take them off.
  • Remove the calipers.
  • Remove the brake rotors.
  • Put the brake rotors in a vessel big enough to hold them, as well as water.
  • Pour white vinegar into this bucket while the brake rotors are still in it. They need to be completely soaked with white vinegar, so do not skimp.
  • Soak the brake rotors in this solution for at least an hour.
  • You will see gas bubbles begin to form after they have been in for an hour, at which point you need to take them out while wearing those gloves mentioned earlier.
  • Using a cloth or a rag, wipe the rotors down till they are dry.

The vinegar used here should be left to react with the rust, and that means if your rotors are exceptionally rusty, you will need to leave them in the solution overnight for maximum cleaning effect. This method qualifies as deep cleaning, but gets you pretty much the same results from a lot less labor. The main problem is that you have to wait a long time for the cleaning itself to happen.

Each of the above methods is effective in cleaning the rust off your brake rotors, but before picking one, you need to consider how viable it is for you. Specifically, pay attention to the equipment, time, and effort you can spare


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