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Do you Actually Need Performance Brakes?

Do you Actually Need Performance Brakes?

Stock brakes are not suitable for performance cars and you will need to install performance brakes to it handle the serious speed and power of your car. While driving aggressively, it is the brakes that you can rely on to properly handle the car. To make the braking of your performance car effective, you will need to have an idea about the working of the brake system and the different components involved. This will help you select a performance braking system that can meet your requirements.

Upgrading Brake Systems

It is better for all cars on the road to have a brake system upgrade. This does not mean that the OEM brakes installed to cars are not good. However, if you were able to cut down the stopping distance of your car with a brake system upgrade, why wouldn’t you go for it? If these are not good enough reasons to upgrade the brake of your car, you need to consider the following questions.

Are the Brakes Overheating?

You will know when the brake of your car is overheating, as you will smell it burning. The smell is distinctive and you will never miss it. If you smell the brakes of your car overheating regularly, then you can obviously go for a brake system upgrade.

Are the Brakes Wearing Quickly?

A good set of front brake pads might last for a year or two on performance cars and for about five years on a regular car. If you find that you are burning through brake pads frequently and have to replace rotors each time you buy brake pads, it will be better for you to upgrade the brake system.

Have you Boosted the Engine Power of your Car?

Performance cars will undergo boosting to increase the overall power of the car. If you have improved the power of your car substantially (more than 20%), then it is important for you to invest in a brake system upgrade.

Are you Racing?

Are you a racer? Do you take your car to the tracks? Then it is very important for you to upgrade the brake system, else you will not be able to stop the car as required.

If your answer to the above questions is “No”, you do not need to upgrade the braking system of your car. However, if the answer is “Yes” to even a single one of these, then it is high time to find some good brake upgrades for your car.

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