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Is it a Good Idea to Switch the Brake Rotors and Not the Brake Pads?

Is it a Good Idea to Switch the Brake Rotors and Not the Brake Pads?

One of the most frequently asked questions that get asked of repair shops is, “Can I change my brake rotors independently of the brakepads, or do they need to be replaced all at once?” The best answer to that question is, it depends. Below is a breakdown of the parameters that should dictate  your decision.

It may be tempting to switch out the rotors and not the brake pads in order to save a little money and effort. However, while the vehicle could get by adequately, you need to remember that the two components became worn down together over a long period of use. Imagine the brake pads pressing down on the rotor a hundred times in a day, at the exact same spots. This would no doubt cause grooves in both. If you paired worn pads with new, flat rotors, they would only make contact at the high points – the grooved areas on a pad would not touch the rotors. In other words, braking power would be limited.

That means you would technically lose access to the vehicle’s full stopping power, which could prove dangerous if you don’t adjust your driving style to accommodate. Moreover, if the brakes start squealing, screeching, and making unpleasant noises, it might have to do with the uneven wear mentioned above. Changing the pads would result in silent performance and restore your braking system to operate at peak performance.

If you are truly intent on using the old pads it would be a viable option, but it would require a great deal of patience as breaking in the new rotor would take some time. The old pads would require time to dig grooves into the surface of the new rotors. After that, the two would start working well together whenever you step on the brakes.

Altogether, there are more pros than cons to replacing your car’s brake pads along with the rotors. This is especially true if you’re performing the labor yourself, in which case the cost would only cover what the components are worth. The main benefit is the added peace of mind knowing this portion of your braking system has been taken care of. Besides, you not only get superior braking power, but also a significant upgrade from the car’s original stock OEM components.

By using the highest quality parts you can ensure flawless, responsive braking. For this reason, BrakeTimeUSA offers the best options in brake system replacements.

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