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Upgrading from OEM to Performance Brake Rotor

Upgrading from OEM to Performance Brake Rotor

You see plenty of cars carrying standard engines that have regular OEM brakes fitted with them. These allow the vehicle to perform routine tasks, such as daily commute, runs to the store, etc. However, some people need more out of their rides, which means subjecting them to “beyond ordinary” stresses. For this to be possible, you need power upgrades, the effects of which can pretty quickly wear down a set of stock brakes.

Performance Brakes

High-performance brakes become a necessity in such cases, because the braking system needs to be able to rapidly dissipate the higher heat build-up. The best types available in the market are slotted and cross-drilled rotors. These were once only used in track cars, but now, plenty of streetcars sport them too. Each boosts airflow and directs it away from the general direction of the rotor, so that the heat gets carried away as well. In this way, the brakes not only perform in a superior manner, but also last longer.


You need to pay attention to quality when buying parts for your car, and that goes for the brakes also. Slotted and cross-drilled rotors are supposed to wear out much more slowly than smooth rotors, and if you see the opposite happening, which means you probably bought something made from inferior materials.

The Right Performance Brake Upgrade for your Car

The performance brakes you upgrade to should be able to meet your requirements. Based on this, as well as the make and model of the car, you can get components that deliver the exact results you are looking for. While regular street driving only demands a slotted rotor and fairly durable brake pads, if you intend to be racing a lot, you would need something more substantial.

The Size of the Performance Rotor

One thing many car owners wonder is how the size of a performance brake rotor can affect the vehicle it is fitted in. More to the point, is it too big to fit in some cars? Simply put, every performance rotor is designed for specific makes and models, which means that you would need to shop for the one that fits your vehicle. With that taken care, you may even notice better braking power of the new rotor happens to be slightly bigger than the one your car used to have.

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