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What's The Difference Between Standard and Premium Rotors?

What's The Difference Between Standard and Premium Rotors?

Although they are already weather sealed and corrosion protected, adding an extra layer of coating to the hub can extend your rotor’s lifespan two fold. This coating ensures your rotor to have the best corrosion and rust protection for whatever your driving application may be.  Premium Rotors are the best one-size-fits-all choice as these rotors are ideal for street driving, daily use, towing, and off-roading. They also pair perfectly with the largest trucks and SUV’s on the market. These rotors are the high quality premium rotors, and are ideally designed for individual looking for the highest quality but don’t require sports or racing performance.

            The additional layers of protective coating ensure the longevity of the cast iron rotor material. It doesn’t mater if you’re driving a high end sports car or a simple commuter vehicle, if you care about your car and the performance of its braking system, then having at least one form of coating is highly recommended. The price of such a product obviously plays a pivotal role in decision making, but the quality of the products has a large bearing on the long-term investment in your car and safety. The lifespan increase that can be delivered from coated products alone is well worth the cost.

            The importance of having such a quality product is also important in rainy or weather-prone areas because it adds a layer of protection to the area that is most prone to rusting. This prevents both corrosion and rusting from appearing and staining the appealing color of the rotor. This lengthens the lifespan of the hub and the rotor overall.

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