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Some Reasons Why your Brakes Make a Grinding Noise

Some Reasons Why your Brakes Make a Grinding Noise

Many cars owner have experienced grinding noises coming from his or her car’s brakes on hitting the pedal. This is typically a warning from most standard brakes, that something is wrong with either the brake rotors, or some other component. Ignoring this can lead to the need for heavy repair later, which would no doubt cost a considerable sum.

What Causes the Noise?

Every brake system generates lots of heat each time you push down on the brake pedal, and this happens as a result of friction. It is understood that every component wears out after a certain period of use, but such problems need to be identified before they occur. Brake noises are a signal that you need to visit the repair shop, to fix one or more of the following things.

Washed-Out Brake Pads

Your brake pads are bound to emit a grinding noise if they are worn down after long or hard use. The backing plates would lose material, and the rotor would end up scraping the metal surface of the caliper. The pads should be replaced at once.

Substandard Brake Pads

Damage is not the only thing, which can cause brake pads to act up and create noise when you try stopping the car. Poor quality can cause pretty much the same effect, and if you find out the hard way that your brake pads have metal chunks, which are rubbing against the rotor surface, get them replaced as soon as possible.

Something Solid between the Rotor and Caliper

The components of every breaking system are bound to catch dust, dirt, and grime. This is not usually a problem, but if any of these things are accompanied by solid objects, that can be bad. If a solid object gets in between the rotor and caliper, it can easily cause friction, and consequently a lot of damage to these parts.

Broken Shims

The shim is a very important part of the braking system, and if it is worn out or broken, some small bit of it could come into contact with, say, the rotor. Metal touching metal in this way is bad, and this can cause a grinding noise when you push the brake pedal. This is why many repair shops recommend replacing the shims whenever you are having a brake job done. You want to make sure the mechanic does not skip this so they can finish more quickly.

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