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Double Cross Drilled & Slotted


Double Cross Drilled & Slotted

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    • G3000/G11H18 cast iron specifications to match OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) specifications
    • Cross-drilled design provides optimal cooling while maintaining strength
    • Slotted design expels gas, water, dust, dirt & debris from the braking zone
    • Coated hub, vents, & edge provides corrosion & rust protection
    • All rotors feature OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) style vane designs
    • 100% Precision Mill Balanced for zero vibrations
    • Non- directional surface finish for better break-in & quitter braking
    • Symmetrical Cooling Vanes ensuring heat transfer efficiency
    • Uses high quality cast iron
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Introducing ONZO Performance Rotors

With 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, ONZO’s Sports Performance Rotors are engineered with the G3000/G11H18 cast iron specifications to match OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) specifications. With a wide range of color varieties, coating, and designs, ONZO’s rotors are finished in the USA and are the industry leader in quality & performance today.

Proven Best Performance

All ONZO rotors are engineered at state of the art manufacturing facilities, who use the highest quality cast iron, making sure all rotors are finished with a non-directional finish, to enable a faster brake pad-to-rotor break in process, as well as, smoother & quicker stops. ONZO rotors feature OEM style vane designs and do not use cheap or universal designs, ensuring each rotor will function just like OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) parts. This ensures the durability and quality of the rotor strength to be OEM and longer lasting compared to competitors. All rotors are mill balanced with our state of the art, fully-automated, soft-bearing mill balancing machine. This process ensures there are zero imbalances in the rotor weight, making sure the weight is even distributed throughout the rotor, resulting in zero vibrations & smoother stops. All onzo rotors have Symmetric Vane Casting, which distributes heat efficiently and evenly though out the rotor for optimal cooling purposes. Ideally the vane has the same thickness at the points where it connects to the inner and outer friction plates creating less noise and increasing brake pad life. Once the rotors are assembled to a final product, all rotors go through onzo’s intensive quality control procedure, thus rejecting all rotors that do not meet onzo’s specifications in weight, size, and finish, guaranteeing the rotors to meet 100% OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) specifications. All rotors have also been rigorously tested under the most demanding driving conditions, each rotor is specifically designed to endure the challenge required by off-roading, street performance, track, and towing/hauling.

Competitive Pricing

In addition to being a leader in automotive market, ONZO has the highest quality to affordability ratio of any distributor. The ONZO Performance Rotors are guaranteed to be the longest lasting rotors you’ll ever own. ONZO insures that your rotors are not only a wise purchase, but a long-term investment in both your vehicle and your safety.

4 Different Patterns to Choose From

ONZO Sports Performance Rotors come in a variety of designs to match your specific needs.

Cross-Drilled & Slotted

Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors is the industry standard for performance bringing together the best of both worlds with performance. Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors feature a hybridized design that allows for flawless cooling as well as proper expelling of gas, water, dust, dirt & debris. This is the best one-size-fits-all choice as these rotors are ideal for street driving, daily use, as well as, track racing and high-end sports automobiles. These are also the most heavy-duty rotor in the line, as they are able to withstand extreme weight and pressure. These rotors are ideal for towing and off-roading, and would pair perfectly with the largest trucks and SUV’s on the market.

Completely Slotted

Completely Slotted Brake Rotors are a design unique to ONZO and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. ONZO went ahead and took a step further to create this new design of completely slotted which is double the amount of slots found anywhere else in the market today. These are the premiere rotor choice for racing/high-speed driving and performance automobiles. This rotor design amplifies the benefits of a slotted design by doubling down on their ability to cool as well as expel gas, water, dust, dirt & debris. All racing and track cars use this formulation of rotor design for optimum performance.

Completely Cross-Drilled

Completely Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors are a design unique to ONZO and are rarely found anywhere else in the world. This design comes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) on many European car applications. This design is known for being the longest lasting rotor, due to the cross dills providing optimum cooling for longer rotor life and extended brakie pad life. Due to the rotor not having any slots, this also allows for the brake pad to have longer life because the pad will not have contact with any slots, which shaves brake pad life.

Due to the weight limit of completely cross-drilled models, these are not recommended for heavy vehicles such as trucks and SUVs, but you can special request that dimpled holes are used to ensure unlimited strength. Dimple holes are basically when the holes are cross drilled halfway through the rotor, allowing the rotor to provide optimum cooling, while not losing any durability for larger car applications.

Double Cross-Drilled & Slotted

Double Cross-Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors are a design unique to ONZO and are rarely found anywhere else in the world. ONZO Double Cross-Drilled & Slotted heighten the performance of a Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotor by doubling its core performance enhancing features allowing for double the optimum cooling, while still having slots to remove gas, water, dust, dirt & debris. They are applicable for general use and high-end vehicles

Zinc Plated For Corrosion Protection

ONZO Sports Performance Rotors are available in Silver, Gold, or Black Zinc coating to ensure long-lasting durability of your custom rotors. Although they are already weather sealed and corrosion protected, zinc plating can extend your rotor’s lifespan up to 3 times over. However, protection isn’t the only reason you’d want a zinc plating. Beyond their practical application, our zinc plated rotors look sleek, opulent, and are sure to make your car stand out on a crowded street. We offer a variety of different types of zinc-plated performance rotors so you can achieve a custom-finished look that precisely matches the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Double Coating for a One-of-a-Kind Look

ONZO Sports Performance Rotors are available in wide variety of colors, and feature center hubs that are double-coated in silver and a matte tactile material allowing for easy installation and removal. Our double coated rotors come in yellow, red, blue, and black to perfectly match your vehicle’s exterior. This double coating ensure your rotor to have the best corrosion and rust protection for your performance rotors due to it being double coated.

Bundle Our Products for the Best Value

For best results and longevity, we recommend pairing all rotors with ONZO branded brake pads and equipment. All of our products are split into separate performance lines to match your needs and are specifically formulated to work best with all other products in the line. For best compatibility and value our kits and bundles offer the easiest and smartest all-encompassing braking solutions. We do not recommend mixing our brake products with other companies due to quality issues. We make sure to match our brake pad quality with our rotor quality to ensure longevity and performance. The last thing we want for our customers is to mix quality with different companies and to maximize their rotor or brake product from us!!