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Slotted Only


Slotted Only

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    • TS 16949 &VDA 6.1 Certified Factory
    • Non- directional surface finish for better break-in
    • Balanced at the factory for out of the box installation: No turning needed
    • Cooling vanes
    • Meets Metallurgical standards
    • Chamfered hub and bolt holes for proper mounting
    • Excellent coverage for both foreign and domestic applications
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All Onzo Rotors are reliable on ALL road surfaces & climate conditions. All Onzo Brake Rotors are assembled for original Equipment performance ar TS16949 & VDA6.1 Certified Manufacturing Factories.

These rotors are put together with the highest technology that provides a superior tolerance for long lasting Braking performance. The quality and power of our alloy metallurgy is what differentiates us from our competition. The durability to strength ratio of OnZo rotors is what leads the industry today. The technology we use enhances the carbon and molybdenum content of the iron, improving crack resistance while reducing noise and vibration. This line resembles high quality, accountability& consistent outperformance of competition