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Machined in our factory right out of Los Angeles, CA, our brake pads and rotors have been trusted for over 50 years to perform and last.

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Performance - Brakes, Pads, and Rotors

All BRAKETIMEUSA brake lines are application specific lines per OE. This means that we take the guesswork out of the process and recommend the best in class semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads dependent on your specific automobiles OEM specifications. We carry brake lines designed for nearly every make of vehicle in order to provide our customers with the safest and suitable options. Whether your car requires ceramic or metallic brake pads, we are committed to finding the best solution for you.


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All BRAKETIMEUSA Brake Pad purchases include Hardware and Sensors per OE. Since brake hardware is subject to the same wear and tear that destroys the rotors and brake pads, we are proud to supply a new hardware kit when you purchase from BRAKETIMEUSA. Installing fresh hardware and sensors ensure that new pads and rotors will last for their recommended life and perform to the best of their ability.

Since quality is at the core of everything we do, we truly want our customers to feel that we are working together to protect their investment in new brake pads and rotors. Every kit is produced from the finest materials to meet our customer’s individual requirements.

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Have you noticed your brake performance has greatly decreased recently? It could be time to get your brake system looked at by an expert technician. Brake inspections are both important and ideally routine, and can quickly be done at home as well. By admin 21, Mar

Have you recently noticed a difference in the braking performance of your car? It might be time to get your brake system inspected by an expert technician. Brake inspection and service are two important and ideally routine maintenance chores, which you shou...

By admin 20, Mar

Troubleshooting Brake Rotors

On most vehicles, brake rotors need to be replaced after the car has run about 70,000 miles, but this also depends on the frequency of use. Brake rotors, like brake pads, should be replaced in pairs to ensure even stoppi...

By admin 19, Mar

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All Brake parts are shipped within 3-5 business days. Payments received after 5 pm PST, on the weekends, or on the holidays will be processed the following business day.


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Quality is more than making a great product. We are so confident about our product that we offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.