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Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors: The Benefits of Both

Choosing between drilled and slotted brake rotors doesn't need to be difficult. By helping keep rotors and brake pads dry in wet conditions, drilled and slotted rotors can reduce your car's wet braking distance. Let's explore the benefits that performance drilled and slotted rotors offer to see which one is the right choice for you.

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Drilled Brake Rotors vs. Slotted: What's the Difference?


Drilled Brake Rotors

Drilled rotors are designed with holes that are drilled completely through the rotor surface from front to back. These strategically placed holes help increase brake bite, enhance heat dissipation, decrease brake temperature, and help maintain a cleaner brake pad and rotor surface.

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Slotted Brake Rotors

Fitting your vehicle with slotted rotors also gives you top-quality performance. Slotted rotors have machined, spiral-patterned slots in the surface of the rotor that are designed to reduce the accumulation of dust and gas at the brake pads' point of contact. Slotted rotors also increase braking performance and extend brake pad life.

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You'll find a fantastic supply of brake rotors at BrakeTimeUSA, so shop to your heart's content! Searching for the best brake pads for drilled and slotted rotors? We've got you covered!With prime options like Dash4 drilled brake kits on tap, your car can take its on-track or on-road performance to the next level.